How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step.

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How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step.
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How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step., Project

by Paul Ciocoiu October 6, 2015. Building a house may seem a laborious and time consuming process which makes many take a step back and think twice. Starting with getting all the building permits to the construction itself, the process is nerve racking and How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step. requires a lot of patience, even though the satisfaction in the end has no match. The construction differs in complexity from case to case, but, in general, the main phases are the same, regardless of the size and the materials used. For an overall image, we made a synthesis of how to build a wooden house Timber-frame Houses in the Historic American Buildings Survey. step by step, emphasizing the main stages of this process. We start from the premise you have chosen the right location and got all the building permits you need, depending on the country and the area you live in. Bear in mind you will need access ways both in the construction process, to transport the materials, and especially later, when you move into the new home. Now, moving on to the first stage of the construction, you should know that the foundation of a wooden home is not any different from a classic foundation. Depending on the size of the house and the land, foundations can be different in structure and design, starting with the classic concrete sip panel house in Alabama blocks. As you lay the foundation, make sure you also install the ductwork for water, gas and electricity. How to build a wooden house step by step laying the foundation. How to build a wooden house step by step building the frame on the foundation. Installing the wooden wall frames can start a few days after laying the foundation, if temperatures outside go beyond 10 degrees Celsius. In general, wooden homes are built from prefabricated wall panels which makes the construction process way easier, unless you prefer a traditional wood log house. You can also go for sandwich type walls in which wood pieces are installed one at a time. In any case, the first step in assembling the house is laying the wooden floor on a waterproof membrane. Whether you choose classic walls or prefabricated panels, make sure you apply fireproof, waterproof and bugs treatment for wood. The thermal insulation can be done using mineral wool covered in an anti-condensation membrane and then fireproof plasterboard in the rooms and damp proofing plasterboard in the kitchen and bathroom. How to build a wooden house step by step installing the walls, in separate examples. The final step is installing the roof which is recommended to be a well-insulated How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step. roof, in two layers and mineral wool in-between, to help keep comfortable temperatures indoors regardless of the season. You can How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step. then choose metallic or terracotta tiles and bitumen sheets. Consider drainage systems, ridge vents, attic exhaust fans, vented dormers, and other architectural details which can increase the comfort of your house while decreasing cooling costs in hot climates. How to How To Build A Wooden House Step By Step. build a wooden house step by step insulated two layer roof.

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If we build houses from timber, then we do not commission them immediately. Knowing that when using wood of natural moisture, problems with external and internal decoration can occur, we give time for shrinkage - we build for centuries!

We adhere to the policy of total honesty: in our house, the logs and the rafter system are thicker, the walls are stronger, and the total amount of materials spent, compared to similar projects of other companies, is more than 30%


We offer to buy a log house from a bar:

At the same time, for the floors we use a beam of 100x150 mm, and for the construction of the rafter system - 50x150 mm (in the luxury package, the dimensions are different - 100x200 mm and 50x200 mm, respectively). Between themselves, the complete sets of houses made of timber are distinguished by the technology of assembling the gables and the ceiling height of the first floor (in the suite 10 cm higher).

After completion of the work, you will receive a wooden house with interfloor ceilings, a rafter system and walls. The roof and foundation are paid separately.

We do not install windows, do not perform finishing work: at home it is necessary to withstand a long period of time in order to correct the consequences of rush.

Wooden houses from a bar:
comfortable housing at affordable prices

Our catalog contains a variety of projects of houses from timber: you can choose the right one for your family. If necessary, we will make constructive changes to the project so that it best suits the needs of the client.

Do not worry about the budget: we will fit into any amount. We know how much construction costs in Moscow and the Moscow region, so we choose lumber of natural humidity. They are three times cheaper than glued ones, and by a third - than the profiled beam that has undergone chamber drying.

We have been building houses for over 15 years. During this time, we studied the features of the technology, the specifics of the material used, and also developed our own methods to achieve the best results in less time. We know how to optimize the construction of houses from timber, correctly plan the sequence of basic operations. That is why work on the site does not stand idle for a minute.

The advantages of a house from a bar from the manufacturer
Many companies build houses from timber, but not everyone can boast of having their own production. Most often, materials are bought, and no one guarantees that the basic technologies were not violated during manufacture.

We use timber produced in the workshops of our own factory located under Boston. For the manufacture of lumber, we choose coniferous wood - it is easy to process, stable during shrinkage, will last a dozen years.

Our houses:

  • safe for humans, animals and the environment. We do not add adhesives, we work in compliance with all environmental standards;
  • keep design dimensions. Our wood dries evenly, the thickness of the cracks does not reach even 2 mm, and the total shrinkage is not more than 5% of the original area;
  • Not afraid of mold and mildew. Thanks to the impregnation, dangerous microorganisms will no longer scare you;
  • have a low weight. You can save on the foundation - because of the small load there is no need to resort to expensive options for the foundation;
  • durability and reliability. The house is not afraid of precipitation, temperature extremes, hurricane wind and other negative influences.
In addition, timber houses, projects and prices of which can be found in the catalog on our website, are really being built quickly. The average completion date is 1-2 months.

What do I need to know about shrinkage?

State of Indiana are among the leaders in the number of erected houses from profiled timber. Such popularity is understandable: in the first year, shrinkage is no more than 3%, and during subsequent operation it approaches 5%. Due to this, the number of cracks is minimized.

The course of shrinkage is affected by:

  • dimensions of the material used;
  • applied technologies;
  • moisture content of wood;
  • time of year when construction is underway;
  • features of the project of the house.
With shrinkage, the thickness of the beam changes more, while the length remains the same. If the technology has been violated, you won’t know about it right away: you can buy a house from a timber of the same size, and in the end get a blockhouse less than the original.

We are shortening the shrink period !

For houses, you can apply some tricks to reduce the duration of shrinkage.

Techniques that we implement at the construction site:

  • corners are constructed using the dovetail or warm angle technology;
  • seams are filled with jute;
  • spikes and grooves are connected tightly, without gaps;
  • when assembling the pediments, birch pins are used, and in the luxury configuration, they are additionally reinforced by a node with a galvanized spring;
  • joints are mounted on piles filled with a mixture of concrete and sand;
  • the rafter system is being erected according to a reinforced scheme;
  • wall material is mounted on birch pins instead of metal hardware.
You can always find out details about each stage of work from our experts.
Our advantages
  • We use the right technology, time-tested.
  • Absolute 10-year warranty for all types of work.
  • Affordable price. The amounts are always negotiated at the initial stage, and after that we fix in the contract. If we make a mistake in the calculations, then all expenses are out of our own pockets.
  • Two-stage payment. At the stage of procurement of materials you contribute 65% of the cost, and the remaining amount is paid after the completion of the first stage of work.
  • Quick construction. We spend no more than 2 months on the construction of the log house, without compromising the quality and reliability of the structure.
You can order a house from a bar from us, which will last several generations of your family. If necessary, we will fill the foundation before starting work, and in a year we will put windows and doors, lay the roofing, finish the internal and external decoration.
We work on a site near the house: from the timber we will lay out a bathhouse, a guest house, a garage, gazebos, utility and other buildings. Our designers and architects are open to your ideas, we will help to realize even the wildest fantasies!
All frank real: we will show you the built houses with the consent of previous customers.
You can ask them about the progress of work and the quality of service.
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